10 Most Dangerous Wild Animals to Beabull Puppies

Published: 17th August 2010
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Our little Beabull puppies are always getting in to something. Their Beagle nose leads them everywhere they're not supposed to be and their stubborn Bulldog mind just won't let them listen to our pleas to return. That's why our own backyards can be a dangerous playground for these puppies. There are wild animals everywhere in the world that can attack at any time. These are the most dangerous and the most common in thSkunke United States.

1. Snake

2. Coyote

3. Raccoon

4. Squirrel

5. Scorpion

6. Javelina

7. Porcupine

8. Ground Hog

9. Skunk

10. Rat

In 2008, VPI pet insurance recorded over 500 claims for wild animal attacks. These injuries varied from bites and lacerations to more serious and life threatening injuries. Depending on the animal and the size of your puppy, the damage could be much worse. They may say that curiosity killed the cat but it doesn't work out all that well for the dog either. Your Beabull puppy doesn't understand that the ground hog doesn't want to play or that the snake is not a chew toy. That is why you need to keep a close eye on your puppy at all times, especially when in a new environment that you, and your puppy, are unsure of.

You also want to be up to date on all vaccinations for your Beabull puppy. Rabies can be deadly to a young pup if they do not have their shots. When out on your ventures this summer, or anytime, remember to always keep your Beabull puppy close. He may not like being on a leash but he'll like it more than being at the vet!

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