Eyebrow Piercing

Published: 11th August 2010
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Fashion pundits are not purists anymore. Had they been, they would have been crying their hair out. It is because a few style statements of today are deriving from some real crazy forms. If you though tattoo was wild, think of the various kinds of body piercing that have become fads today. Lip piercing, naval piercing, the near maniacal tongue piercing and then eye brow piercing. Of these, perhaps eyebrow piercing is the most conventional.

Eyebrow piercing is usually done vertically. They can be done above the eye and can also be made close to the periphery of the eyebrow. Eyebrow piercing is the most innocuous facial piercing. It is because the piercing is done on a relatively tougher spot of tissue. Unlike lip and tongue, where there is a guaranteed inflammation, eyebrow piercing does not result in any inflammation as a general rule except for a mild temporary swelling of the pierced area.

Captive bead rings and barbells are generally used for the purpose of eyebrow piercing. Curved barbells are also used in many cases. The idea is to go for highly surgical materials as these minimize the risk of infection. We must remember that while eyebrow piercing we are looking at an inroad into the body tissue. The outer skin is being pierced and hence a defense against foreign particle is already applied by the body. Tetanus, heat and fever can result from use of non-sterilized tools.

The piercing is generally done at a 40 degree angle to the periphery of vision. There are the Supra Orbital nerves that must also be taken care of before piercing. The reason for angular eyebrow piercing is that the rings settle better without any scope for migration. Generally the healing span of eyebrow piercing is nearly 2 months. Yes, with the usage of right surgical instruments, healing can also take place more expeditiously.

Also, an important part of the eyebrow piercing game is how quickly a body reacts to a foreign particle and how quickly does the immunity help register a healing. Neosprin and alcohol shall be averted over the wounds. This is because this way the wound does not dry faster.

These are forms of modern day piercing. Unlike lip piercing, eyebrow piercing does not have a Pre-Columbian root; it is something that has come into effect only in the recent times. Anti-eyebrow piercing is less common but is also practiced.

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