Flesh Tunnels

Published: 18th August 2010
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Individuals across the world are resorting to various means to express themselves. While some do so by penning a poem or prose or conjuring magic with an easel and canvas, there are others who get body piercing. Though body piercing has been around for centuries as people belonging to diverse cultures got various parts of their body pierced, it was mostly done due to religious reasons rather than for self adornment. However, much has changed since those times. Today, a number of piercing artists use what is known as flesh tunnels or spacer for stretched or scalpelled ear piercing.

These are mostly worn by people who wish to flaunt the process of stretching their piercing. Flesh tunnels are also referred to as earlets, spools, expander or fleshy. Another popular variation of the flesh tunnels is flesh plugs that are heavier in weight than the former. While some find these spools quite stylish, the more conservative folks beg to differ. Regardless of the diverse opinions about flesh tunnels their popularity is on an upswing and more and more people are getting these hollowed flesh tunnels to expand their ear piercing.

Flesh tunnels are made in the form of small gauges that help in expanding the piercing. The size of the gauze of the spool determines its effect. Thus, larger the gauze, bigger will be the effect and vice versa. To add a dash of color to your flesh tunnels or to match it with your outfit, you can wear them with captive bead rings that come in a wide variety of hues and designs. These make for an excellent style statement as well and are sure to stand out in the crowd. You can either buy a singular flesh tunnel or opt for pairs in various styles.

Some of the most common types of flesh plugs and spools available in the market are made of surgical steel. However, you can also go for wood or glass spools that look quite stunning. These come in varied shapes such as tapers, spirals and the conventional tunnel shape. You can spot a number of youngsters sporting a glow in the dark fleshy, or a flesh tunnel that is made of buffalo horn and has a design engraved on its surface. Apart from the more common circular shaped flesh tunnel, you can also buy a square shaped expander that has a tunnel in between or is carved into a dice.

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