How To Install Seamless Gutters?

Published: 11th April 2011
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Seamless gutter are basically made from one continuous piece of gutter material that eliminates most of the seams and limits the number of connections. This helps in preventing leaks and imparts a better appearance. Seamless gutters are a favorite option for most of the home owners. They are sealed tightly around the corners and downspouts. This type of gutter systems gather water and direct it away from homes to rule out all possible chances of damages that are expensive to mend.

Seamless gutters are generally made from several types of materials like steel, vinyl, copper, mostly aluminum. They are in use since the last 40 years and is most commonly preferred by most of the home owners. In order to install seamless gutters, you must follow a few guidelines. They are as follows:

1. Measure the amount of material you would need for making a seamless gutter system and the associated downspouts and drains.

2. Make a choice regarding the color you want your gutter to be. Seamless guttering materials come in several types of colors. Keep in mind, white fades faster.

3. As you are ready with all the required equipment, you must mark a line with chalk around the region where you want to hang the gutters. A good idea would be to let one 1-2 inches of drop for every 40 feet of a building.

4. Start the procedure at a corner that is at a distance from the spot where you want to install a downspout. If you are planning to put the downspouts on the ends, you must start from the middle of the roof.

5. Set up the hangers with the help of a hammer and a few nails. Generally, you need to position these at every 24-30 inches, but it would be a wise decision to go through the manual instructions to understand the specifications.

6. Install the guttering into the hangers. Typically, the guttering system clams in the right position. Attach the long seamless end to the corner mount.

7. Repeat the last two steps to install the gutters. Also, put together the downspouts and attach them to the corner mounts.

The process of installing seamless gutters can be pretty knotty and you must make sure that you do it the right way. It would be wise to hire professional contractors to install seamless gutters. Denver has a number of companies that offer professional installation and repairing services related to gutters.

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