How to Stop Nausea During Pregnancy

Published: 17th November 2009
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Morning sickness refers to the form of nausea that almost every pregnant woman goes through during her first trimester. This type of nausea occurs due to a hormonal increase and may be a source of major discomfort for the woman experiencing it.

Pregnant women suffering from nausea should take proper care of themselves, since continued feelings of nausea can turn into loss of appetite. Loss of appetite leading to decreased intake of proper nutrition may severely affect the baby's growth and the mother's health as well. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to take appropriate precautions and/or medication to alleviate the condition should it become a prolonged condition.

Methods to Stop Nausea during Pregnancy
The methods mentioned below are known to have a positive effect in decreasing nausea. Since not every method will work for every woman, it is advisable that one tries these 'no side effects' methods to identify the remedy that works best for them.

* Ginger: Steep a chunk of ginger in your morning tea and drink it everyday. Ginger has traditionally been used to cure nausea. If tea is not an option, even eating ginger shreds or sucking on ginger flavored lozenges can help.

* Sea bands: Wearing a sea band around the wrist may help. Sea bands are known to use the principles of acupuncture to assist in stopping the nerve signals to the brain that induce the symptom of nausea. These bands may also be effective to treat seasickness.

* Vitamins: If you have been taking vitamin supplements, sometimes trying a different type of prenatal vitamins may stop the nausea (but always consult with your doctor first.) Sometimes vitamins are known to induce nausea, so a change in them might help you control the situation. Alternatively, try changing the time of day you take your vitamins. Consumption of vitamins may also has a different effect on the nausea depending on whether the stomach is full or empty.

* Carbohydrates: Sometimes slightly raising your blood sugar by taking carbohydrates in moderate amounts may help with mitigating the nausea. Consume food slowly and let your body absorb the carbohydrate.

* Avoid certain foods: Some types of foods might trigger nausea. Some women claim that that oily and greasy foods trigger their pregnancy nausea. In any case, it is important not to still consume important nutrients, such as proteins.

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