Split Air Conditioner Installation: Five Common Mistakes To Avoid

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Published: 11th November 2010
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More and more homeowners in the US are opting for split Air Conditioners (ACs) since they are less expensive than a central cooling unit. Moreover, they are easy to install and facilitate quick cooling or heating of rooms. As with any electrical device installation, there are some common mistakes to avoid in split air conditioner installation as well.

Mistakes to Avoid in Split Air Conditioner Installation

Here are some mistakes in Split Air Conditioner Installation that happen mainly due to the carelessness or ignorance of the service provider. They include:

Gas leaks unchecked: Refrigerant gas leaks can be lethal to the health. When the refrigerant gas comes in contact with a heat source, such as an electric room heater or a stove, it forms a harmful and toxic gas. So, rather than improving your lifestyle, your split AC will actually become a serious health hazard.

Improper insulation of indoor tubing: Tubes that are improperly insulated tend to 'sweat,' which leads to dripping and eventual damage. Walls get warped and stained. It is recommended that you check the inside and outside as soon as the installation procedure is completed, to avoid long repair bills.

Attaching unit to the building structure: Although a provider might find it tempting to link the outdoor unit to the building, it should not be done. This kind of connection can cause noises inside the structure. One of the main advantages of purchasing a split AC is that it does not cause noise pollution when properly installed. Your investment in a split air conditioning system will be a waste if you do not ensure this.

Neglecting loose wire and bits of metal: After installation, make sure that the site is free of metal and wire scraps. There are dangers of pets swallowing them or children stepping on the wire bits and getting hurt. Check inside the device as well. If extra bits are allowed to remain, they could cause noise and damage the system over time.

Support system: Check the strength of the wall as well as the ground stability. Anything that the AC will be in contact with must be checked thoroughly. Even small weaknesses could lead your unit to topple over, causing damage and serious injuries.

To ensure proper functioning of Split Air Conditioner Installation, ensure the following: check for gas leaks, proper insulation of indoor tubing, and strength and stability of the ground and walls.

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