Want To Be a Heavy Equipment Operator?

Published: 15th June 2009
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Do you love watching constructional activities? Do you enjoy operating huge machineries? If you do, then you can consider a career as a heavy equipment operator.

This career involves using machines to move construction materials at construction sites and mines, to grade and landscape earth, excavate, or to transport materials, workers, and equipment. Heavy equipment operators use machines to dig trenches to lay or repair sewer and other pipelines and hoist heavy construction materials.

If you are wondering what heavy equipment technically means, then it is not hard to find out. Heavy equipment includes bulldozers, cranes, excavators, forklifts, and many others. Modern heavy equipment is way easier to operate and maneuver than their older counterparts. With electronics and hydraulics doing wonders with power steering, you no longer require superior physical strength to operate heavy equipment. Because of the large size and great strength of these machines, heavy equipment operators must be well trained and highly skilled.

Qualities of a heavy equipment operator:

* He must possess sound knowledge of the different functions of heavy equipment he is to operate.

* He must be well-trained to operate and maintain the heavy equipments

* He must be able to face operational hazards and ensure safety and precautions for the workers operating at the construction site.

The infrastructure industry is suffering from a paucity of well-trained operators for their heavy equipments. Many construction equipment operators acquire their skills on the job, but formal apprenticeship programs provide more comprehensive training. Hence a number of training schools are coming up to meet the mounting demand for skilled operators.

Several training institutes offer placement facilities. But aspiring candidates should check whether the institute provides opportunity to work on actual machines in realistic situations. A large amount of information can be learned in classrooms but to become a skilled heavy equipment operator, a worker needs to actually perform the theoretical knowledge. So, select a certification program that will harness and groom your raw talent and mould you into a trained professional for your field.

The training programs are highly rewarding. On completion of your course as a heavy equipment operator, you will have a number of job options to consider. The manufacturing industries employ 10 out of 11 workers, and you could have very good job stability. You can become an excavator operator, heavy equipment operator, loader operator, grader operator, bulldozer operator, paving equipment operator, side boom tractor operator shovel operator, sewer flushing truck operator, snow-removal equipment operator, apprentice pile driver or a road oiling truck driver.

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